Choosing A Band For Your Wedding

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For decades wedding traditions have stayed the exact same, but in fact the key steps to finding the perfect wedding band for your reception has changed dramatically. Most brides-to-be today are finding their music on the internet where they can easily see and listen to wedding bands from across the globe right in the privacy of their own home.

Below you will find five steps in finding the perfect wedding band for your special day:

Evaluate Wedding Bands Via The Web

If you find a website that is popular, you could easily find the information you want right away. If you are planning a ‘military wedding’ and find a band that dresses in military wear, you might of found that perfect band. However, many brides and grooms to be are looking for a classy group that can play a variety of music or you could have guests aging from 8-80 where a band can play Big Band Swing, Motown, Rock and Top 40 which would of course keep your dance floor full. Regardless, be sure to read through the band’s song list – Does it include songs from various genres, do you see music you would like to hear?

The next thing that you will want to do is see if any audio samples are listed on the website you are on. Take your time and listen to a few of them very carefully and be sure to go with your guy feeling. Did you enjoy what you listened to? Do you like the lead singer’s voice? Did you enjoy the musical instruments? Doing this, you will be able to narrow down your band search dramatically especially after evaluating online demos.

Of course this should be on top of the list when searching for wedding bands, but make sure the band has done a wedding ceremony Ontario before as they might not like to travel to certain lengths.

Once you have compiled a list contact the bands by phone or by email right away because they could already be booked full for the next 1-2 years.

What To Ask These Bands

Of course the first thing you will want to ask the band is if they are available on your wedding day, if they are, you should now ask what the pricing is like. Each band vary between size and price so find out as much information as possible. If your wedding consists of 60-150 guests, a smaller band would be more appropriate as if you are having 200 or more guests attending, a larger band would be best.

Next is to ask the band members how long they have been together and if they have any references from past wedding ceremonies. A good idea to consider asking for is a full length CD Demo and any information the band can easily mail to you.

If a band has not responded within 24 hours, consider looking elsewhere – The band members should respond to any of your concerns and should be handled in a professional and courteous manner. Another great idea to ask is if they would be playing in your area before your wedding day so you can watch them perform live.

Watch The Band Perform Live

In most cases a band will have a calendar that includes public appearances such as pubs and restaurants. While you observe the band performing live you should like what you hear and also what you see – Is the band playing at a comfortable volume? Is the dance floor full? Can you actually imagine the band performing on your wedding day?

When the band goes on break, take time to introduce yourself to the bandleader and ask them any questions you may have.

Book The Wedding Band

After deciding on a wedding band, hire them. Nothing worse could happen if you have your heart set on a band and finding out they are now unavailable. Your contract should include the date, time, place, number of musicians, names, address, phone number and any other important information.

Plan In Advance

There is not one thing better than good planning – The more details you can take care of in advance, the easier it will be on your wedding day. If you are unsure of what your first dance should be, ask for an opinion from the bandleader – They should have plenty of helpful ideas. If you have indicated to the band a new song for them to play, be sure you provide them with a CD copy at least 6-8 weeks notice so they have plenty of time to rehearse your special song. Also be sure to tell the band about any certain preferences you may have such as you do and do not want say country and pop. Take time to write little notes beside the band’s song list stating which songs you wish not to be sung and put stars beside ones you really like.

Last, but not least feel confident knowing that you have hired a professional and experienced wedding band to perform on your special day – Enjoy the music and most importantly have fun on your wedding day.