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LENZR Spices Things Up With Four New Contests!
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Filed under Announcement, office phone system, Ontario, PAM News & Press, Party Events, photo contest, Toronto Events being the newest and most blazin’ photo contest website out there right now started off March with four new contests! The four contests will run for 60 days straight and the person that has the highest ranked photo of each individual contest will win one heroic prize.

A Toronto party rentals company have confidence that we can get some outstanding Backyard Party Event photographs that will take us off the edge of our seat. Lenzr wants to see professional, but boisterous photographs that can include anything from couples dancing nose to nose, kids laughing hysterically in a large group, or a family gathering around a picnic table enjoying a delicious meal together.

Prize and Sponsor

Absolute Tent and Event Services is honouring the highest ranked photograph of the ‘Backyard Party Event‘ contest where the winner gets a 10×10 Pop up Tent and a $500 Gift Certificate to be spent at Absolute Tent and Event Services. PartyAftermath especially knows that there are more than just a few people out there that have some intriguing photos they would just love to share to win this amazing prize.

A geothermal installation company have certainty that ‘Lenzr’ photographers will submit some phenomenal Fire and Ice picture’s this contest. Everyone that lives in Ontario has at least some up close, different coloured or tall fire photos that will blow our minds. Get creative and show Lenzr your skills, simply by having anything from dripping icicles or ice sculptures.

Prize and Sponsor

Geo Installers will give credit to the person that wins the Fire and Ice contest. If you get the largest rank you will win a GeoSmart’s GeoAir PCO (PhotoCatalytic Oxidation) which is one of the most advanced air purifier to date. We- PartyAftermath would love to see some really amazing shots of fire and ice that will surprise everyone.

A grass cutting company knows with the economy today, everyone is basically trying to keep pushing “Going Green” into their lifestyles. We all are expecting to see some really enthusiastic photos this contest. ‘How Green Are You?’ should be a fairly easy target for the photographers that will have sixty days to get their photos into the contest.

Prize and Sponsor

The GrassCutters will happily sponsor a Neuton CE 6 Battery-Powered Mower that runs on DURACELL® battery technology for the photographer that has the best “How Green Are You?” photograph. That can include anything from a massive amount of non-plastic bags filled with groceries, energy saving light bulbs, or a row of trees and plants. PartyAfterMath suggests to get those photos posted!

A business phones equipment provider will be delighted to see some old school shots of antique phones, busted typewriters or any type of prehistoric office equipment. Lenzr knows that you as photographers have at least some sort of a picture that has some relevance to broken office equipment.

Prize and Sponsor

S.E. Telecom proudly sponsors a 4 line office telephone AT&T Model 1070 for who ever uploads the most ranked in the forth contest; Obsolete Office Equipment. We need to see some really outstanding photographs that will stand out to Lenzr voters.

PartyAftermath is counting down the days; (51 days left to be exact). If we were you, I would think about getting your photographs up there, especially if you want one of those astonishing prizes.

We wish you luck!